Hatfield Moors

**This site will be available from Spring 2021**

Hatfield Moors, along with Thorne, Goole, and Crowle Moors are an area of raised bog wilderness in lowland Britain at 2,887 hectares in size. The site is internationally important, both as an example of a lowland raised mire and for its breeding nightjars.

It is a beautiful and unique place to see wonderful wildlife, explore history, get involved by volunteering or participate in many of the activities taking place. During a visit, you could see common crane, red or roe deer, and then watch adders bask in sunshine as they emerge from Winter slumber. Walk on Crowle Moors and across onto its neighbour Thorne Moors, pausing at one of the tranquil resting and viewing spots listening to the song of visiting and resident birds that fill the air.

Hatfield Moors is managed by Natural England. Find out more about them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/humberheadpeatlands or online at www.gov.uk/government/organisations/natural-england